Isaac’s a master at making people feel comfortable in front of the camera and creating beautiful images. His photographs, videos and stories have been published in hundreds of print and online magazines and newspapers around the world, from Cosmopolitan and National Geographic Traveler to ESPN and The Wall Street Journal.

“I’m an explorer, looking for beauty, not only in the obvious, but also in our human imperfection and absurdity,” says Isaac. “Photography occurs to me like meditation, a reminder to be present to the intimacy of life, and to laugh at myself.”

He serves as US Correspondent for different international publications, including El Mundo, Spain’s second largest newspaper. Isaac loves research and production and often helps in this arena.

His experience in film (as director of photography, producer, editor and director), theater, design and conceptual art round up his artistic vision.

He’s also passionate about education, volunteering to teach photography and art at local public schools. Isaac has written four plays in collaboration with kids, directing three of them.

He speaks fluent English and Spanish, plus Italian and Portuguese.

Selected clients: American Airlines Nexos, Alpha Resource Center, Antioch University, Art (Germany), ArtPress (France), Backpacker, Bil Am Sontag (Germany), Diario (Italy), El Mundo (Spain), ESPN magazine, Focus (Italy, Poland, UK), Geo (Spain), Glamour (Spain), Life, Mountain Bike Magazine, Pacific Pride, Planned Parenthood, Playboy (Brazil), Publishing by the Seas, Seattle Weekly, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Stern, Terra (Brazil), UCSB Arts & Lectures, USA Today, Voxxi, Wall Street Journal, and many more.

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