Interview with Juliano Brotman, Hollywood’s Raw Vegan Food Chef

Julano Brotman and chard
Chef Juliano Brotman and chard. Photo: ©Isaac Hernández
Chef Juliano on the back page of El Mundo.


If you are ever in Santa Monica, you must eat at Planet Raw. Not only you will have a delicious uncooked meal, but you may even run into actors Natalie Portman, Alicia Silverstone, Owen Wilson, Jim Carrey or Darryl Hanna, who eat there often. Juliano’s Planet Raw offers french fries, burritos, cheeseburgers, and many different dishes, but all raw and vegan. The cheeseburger is one of the most popular dishes, which includes their very own homemade mustard.

If you have a chance, spend some time talking to “the world’s number one premiere living raw chef,” according to The New York Times. Or better yet, take one of his raw food classes on Saturdays. You can also grab a copy of his book, Raw: the Uncook Book: New Vegetarian Food for Life.

Carlos Fresneda, from El Mundo, and I had a chance to talk to him before I took his portrait outside of Planet Raw. Since El Mundo’s audience is in Spain, he kindly spoke in his best kitchen Spanish. The story was published in El Mundo, right before the Oscars. You can find highlights of his interview in the following video. For those not proficient in kitchen Spanish, I did a lose translation of the video, further down the page. It’s truly worth reading. Enjoy! And bon appetit!

Translation to English of interview with Juliano Brotman. ©Isaac Hernández

Raw: The Uncook BookI started eating vegetables. We didn’t have tofu, Whole Foods, Internet… I ate fruit, vegetables and nothing else. One day my sister came over and said, let’s make milk. We put almond and water in the blender and made milk. It was very thick, it was cream. We made sweet cream. Once instead of milk and vanilla, I put garlic, parsley and basil, and made a savory cream, instead of sweet. When this happened, everything changed. Now we can put cheese in tortillas and vegetables and make cheese burritos, but with no cheese. I wanted to get out of the white dough because I knew it’s not good for you. I changed the tortilla for a collar green. And I made the first raw food burrito. It was the first raw wrap

Animals never eat cooked food, like the zebra. They are not obese, they have perfect teeth. Even the grandma is in great shape, she can run, fight… People say it’s because they are wild animals. No, it’s because they eat raw food.
We spend trillions of dollar a year in dentist. They don’t spend a dime.

Alzheimer’s, dementia, senility come from cooked food. It’s poison. We don’t have cancer, AIDS or diabetes. We have cooked food, cooked food, and cooked food. I was in good shape all my life. Every year or every other year, I would get sick (before switching to raw food). From when I was 17 until 40, I never had a sour throat, never had a cold, never had a cavity.

People tell me, “Juliano, it’s not right we need cooked food, we need meat…” I’m 40. In the last 25 years, I can’t get fat. I eat all day oil, avocado, walnuts. I sleep four hours and jump out of bed to go running. I see my brother who eats cooked food, and is three years younger than me; he and gets up, “ah, my back.” Just yoga and raw food and you’re going to be good all your life.

To do something you just don’t cook, and you’re raw. Isn’t that amazing? To do anything else, you have to do research, and time and energy. To be raw all you have to do is not do something. You just don’t cook and you’re raw. It’s pretty amazing food.

The food that you like without the bad things, that’s what we do here.

47% of the pollution in the world is for the production of the packaging and labels for cooked food. Then we throw this packaging and labels away, and 85% of the landfill is waste from cooked food.

It’s crazy to eat this, when an apple, an eggplant, a zucchini comes without a label or packaging and you know what it is, because it’s true. In the US, if they print something, you know it’s not true.

The only thing that can save humanity is if everybody stops working and goes to the beach. It’s what everybody wants to do, but nobody is going to do it. My friends say, “Who’s going to manage the cellphone communications so you can call someone?” You’re going to the beach with the family. If you want to call someone, you say, “Eh! Eh!” What’s going on? Forget the cell phone. We are going to have cell phone, but we are not going to have a world. How great! Who are we going to call when we don’t have a world anymore?

All this aggression is because we are eating meat all day. I always say, to make peace and love on Earth, start on your dish. If you start killing and torturing and murdering on your plate… Animals have wives, they have dreams, they have work… Ants have colonies. They have presidents. They have everything we have, only that they don’t speak English, so let’s kill them. Gringos want all metal and concrete. I don’t know why the gringo turn out so crazy. Because the Indians were great.

You can have a gun, but not raw almond.

Peace on Earth begins on your plate.

Juliano’s Planet Raw restaurant. Santa Monica, California.

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