We Are All Magical

Every year right before showtime, I wonder why I even bother writing and directing plays. And I jokingly tell others to don’t let me do this again, no matter how hard I beg. This year I went through that period, even if it was brief. I wrote about it on a blog entry I wrote for Voxxi.

Sometimes teaching middle school kids is like banging your head against the wall. But the banging must have worked, because the children did an outstanding performance of The Magical Seaweed on Friday, and then they top themselves on Saturday. Everybody had fun. They finally owned the play and ran with it. It wasn’t my play anymore, but theirs, and for that, I declare, I’ve succeeded. Thank you all who supported the children and I through this endeavor, including Jill Cloutier of Art From Scrap, Gary Smith at the La Cumbre Junior High Theater, Gloria and Lissa Ligget, Nancy Black, Marygrace Monteleone, OAS’ David Archer, Hedy Ciani, Jonathan Velasquez, Rose Ortiz, Tony Leon, Shari Hammond, Renee Mata, Josh Morales, and many others. We’re eternally grateful. Thank you kids for the opportunity to play with you. And thank you audience for showing up.

May this play help us believe we can do anything we set ourselves to do, even cleaning the plastic off the ocean. As the magical seaweed says, “We all have magical powers yet to be discovered.”

And may we do a play again.

You can find a selection of 100+ photos from the play in our PhotoShelter gallery, where you can order prints at a friendly price. Your purchase helps me want to do this again.