Michael Govan, director of LACMA, speaks about In Wonderland Women Surrealists exhibit, and about Sonia Secula’s drawing, one of his favorite pieces at the exhibit.

Teresa Vicencio, Director of Mexico’s Fine Art Center, speaks about LACMA’s Women Surrealist Exhibit, and Frida Kahlo’s “The Two Fridas”

Tere Arcq, co-curator of In Wonderland: Women Surrealist Art exhibit, speaks about Rosa Rolanda’s self-portrait, his favorite piece at the exhibit.

Isaac Hernández speaks about the process of creating a self-portrait painting, and the idea of taking risks.

Joe Mangrum, NY sand artist, makes one of his beautiful mandalas, and then sweeps it up.

Spain Video Art Fest 2010 at Times Square, presented by Antonio Ortuño.

Architect Renzo Piano speaks about his creation, LACMA’s Broad Contemporary Art Museum.

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